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"VERY HAPPY with the services I have received! Sandy is Great. I was quoted from a different automotive shop stating I needed $2500 worth of work which didn't include the possible head gasket repair. I took it to Cheshire Auto for a second opinion, by referral, and didn't have much hope for the Jeep, but the only thing the other auto shop got right was that my latch assembly was broken and needed replace (which I could tell because the rear window wouldn't close). They definitely treat all customer with the respect that ALL automotive companies should, whether your a man or women! This is one Automotive shop that I would HIGHLY recommend, because they won't charge you for something that you don't need."

— Google Review

"This Automative shop is the definition of AMAZING! The friendliest people you ever met. They treat you like family when you walk in the door. Gregg is so nice and he will take care of you! He definitely helped me out In a time of need and from that I will forever be a loyal customer, and will always refer anyone I know to Cheshire! I witnessed him treat everyone who walked through the door like a friend. He is someone you can totally trust with your vehicle, hes definitely one the best! Great service and great care!!"

— Yelp Review

"A rare find, absolutely honest, skilled and reliable! Amazing professionalism."

— Google Review

"Since I drive an old car, I'm always on the lookout for a good mechanic, and these guys are my go-to for KC and the surrounding area. It's a local place - they fix it fast, they don't overcharge, and they'll make sure the job gets done so you're not right back in the shop. Great service all around."

— Google Review

"Finally, a mechanic that backs up his work! My intake valve gasket went bad, and he not only quoted me the lowest price, but finished the work in the amount of time he said he would. About a week and a half later, a hose blew, and I had to have the car towed. He fixed the hose and took care of the tow bill! EXCELLENT customer service! I will definately be taking my cars back to him!"

— Yahoo Review

"I've been meaning to thank you for your work on our 2008 Cadillac. I can't remember the last time we had no oil leaking onto the garage floor, or onto anyone's driveway.... Hallelujah... and you have save us a TON of money from what the dealer wanted to fix the continuous leak, for which we are forever grateful. Also, I don't know what else you've done with the car, but it certainly sounds better and seems to run more smoothly. So you've made magic, saved us money, and made us feel like "well, OK, this car doesn't seem so bad"... We appreciate your time and TLE, and thank you greatly. I've given your cards to a couple of people, so maybe your talents can shine on them also. Thanks again, and we will be back.... we have two cars! "

— Google Review